Thanks so much for stopping by and for your interest in my blog, Dawned on Me! This blog has been a long time in the making. REALLY LONG! I’ve been creating this in my mind probably for the last three years! Yes, I’ve been slow to pull the trigger for sure! In that time, I’ve been a voracious consumer of other fashion/lifestyle blogs! I’ve spent countless hours pouring over these blogs and thinking I too, should be doing this! Why? Because I love the respite it provides from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. I liken it to opening a magazine which I do less often now that I follow many of my favorite bloggers online. I come for the inspiration. Whether it is seeing a great outfit put together “just so” or the way someone has fashioned their new living room — I always get excited about seeing how it all comes together so lovely and beautiful! I’m a Libra girl and while I’m not big into astrology, they pegged me when they said we Libras love all things beautiful and in balance and harmony. I certainly live up to the sign of the scales!

And so the time has FINALLY come. Last Spring, I hired a web designer to build my website.Β  What a daunting process that was!Β  In July, I bought Canon camera and lens and hired a photographer! Well, actually my husband. He’s the cheapest I could find. (he, he) It seems every blogger’s husband moonlights as their photographer right? —Β  and I am no exception. Bill is an Air Force Veteran F-16 fighter pilot and a Captain with a major U.S. commercial airline. Now he can add blogger photographer to that resume. Lol! As for me? I am a television newscaster by trade and a mom to two young boys. I left the business to stay at home with them. The two things that go hand and hand with blogging: being on camera and writing are very similar in many ways to what I did for a living. It only seems natural I embark on this journey. Even so, I’ve struggled to get past the fear of looking immodest or boastful. Instead, my sincere intent is to hopefully inspire you in much the same way I’ve been inspired and uplifted by so many fabulous blogger moms out there!

Finally, I’ve noticed so many established bloggers get inundated with questions from people considering starting a blog. So much so, they simply can’t answer the enormous amounts of questions they get. There are so many of you out there like me! I’m winging it! We seriously have no idea what we are doing but we will be learning as we go! If you’re new to blogging or are thinking about it, I’m happy to give you advice based on what I’ve learned thus far. As a TV journalist, my goal is to keep my blog script crisp and concise. I know how tight time is for everyone! So to borrow a quote from author Alisa Vitti: “Just start. There’s boldness in beginning. Make progress over perfection. Everything is figure-out-able.” So wish me luck — here we go… I hope you stay tuned…XOXO, Dawn