Favorite Cardi from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale








Cardigan (check link often as stock keeps coming in) |  Tee (one of my faves!) | Denim | Kate Spade Sneakers (sold out but may be restocked) | Ring– Clearance! | Arrowhead Necklace | Coin Necklace | Crescent Necklace 

Happy Monday!  If you catch my Instagram, I’m on vacation in florida so shooting Fall looks is a bit warm…more like smoking!  LOL!  If you’ve been following the deals from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale,  by now you’ve noticed that there is not much left in stock.  I found that this year was different than years past.  Once stuff sold out it was GONE this year.  Usually a lot would pop back in to stock, but I’m seeing less and less of that this year.  This bell sleeve cardigan is super cute. The ruched sleeves add a unique appeal to it.  I’ve kept a close eye on this one as I wanted it in the brownish color as well and I ended up ordering that one too when I snagged it in stock again.  Everyday a few have come back into stock so check often.  I think it’s worth it!   As for these adorable tassel suede Kate Spade sneakers…they vanished from stock in a day!  I have not seen them restocked once but I could be wrong.  I think Nordstrom will bring them back for Fall but unfortunately, not at anniversary sale pricing — However, you never know! Anyway, thanks for stopping by!  As you may know, I love Fall fashion and I’ll have more for you this week!  Hope you have a great week ahead and thanks for stopping by!